In 2020, we worked with two talented local artists to commission a mural in Garforth. Located at Emsleys Solicitors, it was designed with edibles in mind.

Art has the power to get people talking. It can brighten up communities, giving public places a splash of colour, character and beauty. Art can also be informative, symbolise local history and give a community a sense of identity.

Designed by Penny Rowe and Angela Hennessy, our first mural shows plants growing upwards as a positive symbol of growth. Many of the flowers grow locally and are edible. The full list includes; Pea, borage, pineapple weed, dandelion, camomile, nasturtium, rocket, clover, leek, viola and sunflower.

The feedback we’ve had is humbling. We’ve summarised the most common words here:

More murals are planned so keep an eye on our social media pages for details.