Garforth Railway Station Bed

The Garforth Railway Station bed is located on the Garforth Railway Station eastbound platform (trains going to York) and is looked after by Emma.


What is growing?

The following veggies and herbs are growing at the moment: mint, tarragon, chives, two kale varieties, carrots, sage, onions, rhubarb, thyme, rosemary, chard.

Soon to arrive on the bed (currently growing as seedlings): parsley, peas, green beans, radish and spinach.

What is ready to pick? See the up to date picking list here.

Kale (only from the left hand side bed please), mint, tarragon, chard, sage.

Picking instructions

Please cut off leaves or small branches from the top of the plant and as evenly across the plant as possible, avoiding the roots and the base of each branch to encourage regrowth.

You may use your hands, a knife or a pair of scissors. Always supervise children, but they are more than welcome to cut off leaves on their own.