Seed Sowing


Eruca vesicaria

When to Sow: All year (weather permitting)

How to Sow:

  • Sow thinly into finely raked, warm moist soil, or in pots in bands approx.
  • 9cm (3.5” wide, covering the seed lightly and firming the soil gently. Grow on keeping the soil moist.
  • Harvest when the leaves are 7.5-10cm (3-4”) tall.
  • Sow little and often for continuous supply. Fleece can be used in the winter months for added protection if grown outdoors. Can also be grown under glass in pots or trays with or without heat, or on the windowsill all year round.
  • By continually harvesting the outer leaves, rocket can be used as a cut and come again crop giving you great value from a single sowing.